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bernard riffle jr
Born in North Carolina
1 day
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I only remember two kisses - the first and the last. The first, with my love and the last, with death. The first brought happiness and the last relief! Srijit Prabhakaran

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Bernard Harris Riffle Jr who was born in Statesville NC on August 31, 1991 and passed away on August 31, 1991. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.
             BABY TEARS
     We never heard your first cry,

     Never wiped the teardrops from your eyes,

     And though our hearts grieve , and we are bereft,

     We carry your teardrop , they are all we have left....

     We carry them with us , tucked next to our heart ,

     Your memory with us always,

           We are never apart....






                  LITTLE BABY


     Little fingers

     Tiny toes

     Baby scent

     Button nose


     Little baby growing tall

     I will catch you when you fall

     You'll grow up now wait and see

     One day you be as big as me


     You are my life

     You are my soul

     I'll protect you

     I'll pay the toll


     Little fingers

     Tiny toes

     Baby scent

     Button nose




     Death leaves a heartache

     No one can heal

     Love leaves a memory

     No one can steal




               ONLY THE BEST


     A heart of gold stopped beating,

     Two shining eyes at rest,

     God broke our hearts to prove,

     He only takes the best.


     God knows you had to leave us,

     But you did not go alone,

     For part of us went with you,

     The day He took you home.


     To some you are forgotten ,

     To others just part of the past,

      But to us who loved and lost you,

      The memory will always last.




    Daddy, please don't look so sad,

    Mommy , please dont cry,

   "Cause I  am in the arms of Jesus,

     And he sings me lullabies"

    Please , try not to queation God,

    Don't think He is unkind,

    Don't think He sent me to you ,

    And then He changed his mind,

    You see, I am a special child , 

    And I'm needed up above,

    I'm the special gift you gave Him,

    The product of your love,

    I'll always be there with you,

    And watch the sky at night,

    Find the brightest star thats gleaming,

    That's my halo's brilliant light,

     You'll see me in the morning frost,

    That mist your window pane,

    That's me in the summer showers,

    I'll be dancing in the rain,

     When you feel a little breeze,

     From a gentle wind that blows,

    That's me I'll be there,

    Planting a kiss on your nose,

    When you see a child playing,

    And your heart feels a little tug,

    That's me I'll be there,

    Giving your heart a hug,

    So Daddy, please don't look so sad,

    Mama don't cry,

    I'm in the arms of Jesus,

    And He sings me lullabies.



     Lil' Bernie,


                I have found healing is very hard. But sometimes it's easier when you read what others have wrote about losing their children. I have found hiding it all inside has helped me until now.It's been 16 1/2 years since you left me and it feels like yesterday.I love and miss you so much But like in the 1 peom your in the hands of God now and he sings you lullabies.Bernie thank you for guilding me in my ways .Please continue to guide me. I love you. Be a good boy have fun with you grandparents , uncles , aunts , baby hernandez ,  the rest of you family. Tell them all I love them and send all my love.


                                                                                Your Mother,





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